Can I get any financial assistance?

If you move into a care home the Local Authority will decide what level of care you require and whether you have to make a contribution towards the costs. They will look at your income and savings in order to do this.


Who can I contact for more advice?

The field of care funding can be extremely complex and can represent something of a minefield to the unwary.

We recommend that you take the time to talk with professionals in order to ensure that your funding decisions are well informed.

The following services will all be able to advise you further:

  • Social Services Department Tel : 01282 425961
  • is an impartial and consumer friendly website providing information on all aspects of care funding including local authority assessments, care entitlements, costs of care and arranging care for someone else. Visitors have instant access to professional, specialist care fees advice through a live chat service.
  • The Benefits Agency Tel: 0800 882200 or
  • Age UK, Tel: 0800 8086060 or
  • Counsel and Care, Tel: 0845 3007585 or
  • SAGA Care Funding Advice, Tel: 0800 0567996 or


Private Clients

If you are a private paying client please contact the Manager Claire Tighe who will be happy to explain the service charges Tel 01282 437788